Monday, December 1, 2008

~ ^_^ ~

so happy de today lol..
*coz of some reason lo wakkaka*
lol...finally wat i wish ...
i get

today wake up around 8 something..
*miracle rite??*
and wait for 9 oclock de ... time~~
call my bebe wake up lol...xD
like piggy again de today...
coz so hard to call eh ...haha...
but at last also let me luan ka wake up lol..
*annoying le~*
thn after her wake up..
wait her bath finish...
i lo become her hair
*need help her do hair..become sui sui de..haha*
so relax hor bebe xD

But at last 10 oclock class...
go till coll also 11 le...
coz go to hav breakfast at MCD de xD
we 2 so geng..= ="...
buy total 8 hash brown and 2 big breakfast...
*1 ppl 4 eat 4 hash brown fulll..after tht xD*
after tht fetch bebe go to coll de lo..
thn i also go home
*go home just for 15 minute to ply game @@*
after tht lo go to coll de..
hav class at 12 oclock T.T

Today inside so so so so so so bored...
sit at the last the lecture hall...
*keep talking...*
talk about the english group presentation outline..
my fren they all write about game...
*but i so so so so so long time didnt ply...the game..le..><*
gok call me think of the point.....
at last think of the point come out..
and i need to think the summary of tht 3 point
- SYSTEM REQUIREMENT sien... *but at last i ..think of it..hmm*

just now go to fetch bebe at coll around 4 something..
thn after tht went to gurney chopper board..
* money @@*
haha.....thn after tht walk lai walk ki...
thn bebe lo need go to work..le..><
now wait for bebe finish work..need go to fetch her de xD

BeBe at chopper board.. *on phn wit her mummy for her new phn@@ haha*
BR ice cream * cream queen lai BeBe*

we 2 eat eh MCD.....

2 day also eat MCD... xD

Move It Meal XD

BeBe eh porridge xD

lol carlberg~!!!


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