Wednesday, January 21, 2009

PhoTo~ *KL Trip*

hmm uoload a few photo me n my bebe go to KL....hehe
lazy to really arrange= ="...
reach at cititel hotel *5.38 a.m*
Our 1st breakfast at midvalley ground flour mcd @@"
the garden...all the shop just open...

bebe looking wat =.=
bebe capture eh xD

bebe posing ^^
lunch at the garden....
lol == "
after shop...leg pain go back rest awhile 1st...
-.- *no comment*
dinner ><
BR at the garden.. *miss it now*
eating strawberry..^.^
bebe eating ice cream :P
lol happy ~
cititel hotel breakfast buffet..
before check out~
bebe wanna sit ktm and monorail @@
ktm come~
after 'lost' in sungai wang ..our rest area.. *starbuck^^*
papa john pizza...=.=
couple phone wit couple theme lol xD
pizza..with no chili sauce= =
the necklace...hehe..muack..~
tht all..lazy upload all too many le..hee...

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