Friday, November 14, 2008


today morning..woke up at 7 ..oclock..-.-
and open up laptop..
double check my assignment..hmm
thn go to bath ....
at 8 oclock go wake someone =.="
*which 1 hard to wake 1..xD*
after wake tht piggy up lo
go check my assignment again and
nearly 9 oclock..go
fetch ss go to
thn on the half..way ...need u turn to fetch someone ..
*lol xD duno wanna write wat.. so write someone..= =sorry har...*
thn reach ss coll at 9.15...i think..xD

thn i fast fast drive back noh..
coz wanna go print assignment lol..
but how know..go back liao gok so home sit ahwile..1st..
10..oclcok clas..but go till there...10.20 XD
lol..good..good le..wakaka
thn lo direct hav class till 1 =
swt..nia...3 hr...zzz..
and today got quiz..about programming lol xD
*get quite high...mark not bad lol xD*

after finish ...quiz lo fast fast drive go ss coll fetch ss de..
grr..traffic jam at citibank there..sien..neh...
reach ss 1.15 = ="
thn fast fast go back
traffic abit
but go till gurney
sempat gok..2 pm
today sang alot alot of song..
so nice..le..
now really gai lo..
really is *bo voice*...
but hav fun alot hor??
bleuk muahahaa...
*upload photo later*

today whole day no eat tiok anything..le..
-.-....and just now when finish sing.just bread..
lol....- -"..thn lo fetch ss go to
now at home...sien..
just finish do my room door lock..
*grr spoil ki de...waste my money x.X*

heavy rain le?..
why just few minutes..nia..argh..
now duno wanna do wat so sien...aik...
listen-ing song.....good...good...
find some good song now..wakaka..
tht all la...bubye~
*smile smile happy alot today ^^hehe happy~*

hehe[having alot of fun xD ^.^ ]


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