Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Food xD

this few day eh blog all full of picture *lol*
now again is the picture time @@...
went to sushi king wit ss *hehe...*
*lol...her never go be4 bring her go hehe...hutan come out de haha..joking har xD*
here the picture~~~

sushi king cup @@ *captured by ss*
a pink sushi king plate...wit wasabi... *me captured@@*
lol...a fish wit a "LOVE" shape hehe XD
eat ar eat ar~~~ *hahaa*
finish ...... *so full*

The Step of how Ss eat the sushi hahaha
1. take the sushi~ *lol*
2. open mouth prepare to put inside mouth @@ ... * very hungry haha*
3. hmmm mum ki liao... *-.-*
4. finish ~ *lol....gok will smile wit the camera haha*
lol tht all for ss eat sushi step haha xD
kim gary
*we seem like eat alot of thing hor@@*
but kim gary de no picture...
coz all too hungry ...
very fast gonna finish all the
only got 1 ~

~come liao~
*all cheese pui si lo...xD*


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